Monday, April 4, 2011

Sprung Has Sprung...Almost

Hey Everyone!

Mount Whitney Approach
 What a crazy winter we have been having! With sunny skies and 70 degree temps through January and early March, we were beginning to think that mother nature was ready to hail in the warmer weather for good. These last few weeks have proven us wrong though, and winter has come back in full force! With as much precipitation to rival the first storm we got back in December, our winter trips are still in full swing. We have been running some rad ski trips, with deep powder goodness. Touring season has just about started and should be ideal in the coming months. We also ran our last avalanche course this last weekend, with the tons of snow providing a very educational backdrop. If you missed out this season, fret not, we will be running them again en mass next winter. We also made a few gallant efforts to summit Whitney via the Mountaineers Route but mother nature shut us down. These are a few pics Lyra's summit bid. However, even with all this winter surrounding us, spring is without a doubt on the horizon.SMG is gearing up for what will surly be our best spring/summer season ever! So get out there and enjoy this wonderful white snow, because as with all great things, it will eventually come to an end. 
Snowshoeing i

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